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Resilient Minds Counseling is looking forward to supporting you and or your child on their journey! New experiences can often feel overwhelming. To prepare for your first appointment, here is what you can expect! The hope is that this information helps reduce any nerves, and allows you to prepare for the appointment.

Preparation for Intital Intake

Upon confirming a date and time for your first appointment. You will receive two emails!

  • The first email is from Simple Practice.

    • Simple Practice is the HIPAA-compliant Electronic Health Records System used by Resilient Minds Counseling.  

    • Simple Practice will allow you to electronically sign Resilient Minds Counseling's Intake forms. 

    • Resilient Minds Counseling will add the client and or caretaker to Simple Practice to sign electronically.

    • Please write down the email and password you create for the portal. This allows you to access your portal again if needed.

In the state of Colorado, Resilient Minds Counseling follows best practices:​

  • All children over the age of 12 can consent to mental health treatment. This allows children 12+ to sign all papers.

  • Parents with 50/50 custody are both required to sign consent and disclosure forms. 

  • Parents with 100% custody are able to sign all required consent and disclosure forms. 

  • Parents who are married, are encouraged to have both parents sign consent and disclosure forms. 

What to expect at your first appointment

At your first appointment with Resilient Minds Counseling a through intake will be conducted. During this time the information provided through Simple Practice will be reviewed. 

Do you need to prepare?

Not necessarily, but you're encouraged to think about your goals for therapy, and bring important history to the intake.

For children's intakes:

The first appointment is done with parent(s) and or guardian(s) only. This allows Resilient Minds Counseling to learn more about the needs of your child along with their history. 

Does Resilient Minds Counseling accept insurance?

  • Resilient Minds Counseling is an out-of-network provider with all insurance.  Resilient Minds Counseling does not work with insurance. 

  • Resilient Minds Counseling is currently not accepting Crime Victim's Compensation (CVC).

  • Resilient Minds Counseling does not accept Medicaid or Medicare Insurance. Coverage for those insurances must be provided by their network.

  • Resilient Minds Counseling can accept HSA/FSA payments.

  • Resilient Minds Counseling can provide superbills. 

  • Resilient Minds Counseling encourages clients to contact their insurance directly to learn more about out-of-network providers. 

  • Beginning January 1st, 2022, Resilient Minds Counseling will provide a Good Faith Estimate (GFE) to all clients.

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