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Grief Support Programming & Facilitation

Resilient Minds Counseling serves as a reliable and experienced partner for organizations seeking to develop impactful and purposeful grief support programs within their communities. Our consultation services are comprehensive and grounded in real-world expertise drawn from a range of employment experiences including roles in health, childhood bereavement centers, bereavement camps, and community counseling agencies.


Consulting projects can include but are not limited to:  


Program Development: Develop a customized grief support program tailored to your organization’s specific needs, and objectives. This includes identifying target populations, setting program goals, designing a structure that supports bereavement risk factors and measuring program effectiveness.  


Curriculum Design: Resilient Minds Counseling assist organizations in creating curriculum materials that align with their mission, goals, and objectives of their grief support programs. These materials are designed to facilitate meaningful and healing experiences for program participants. Curriculum design is tailored based on organizational budget needs and grant specifications. 


Facilitation Training: Facilitation Training is a crucial component of any grief support program. Resilient Minds Counseling recognizes the importance in ensuring that program facilitators and volunteers are well-prepared to provide compassionate and effective support to participants of all ages, which ensures emotional and physical safety while participating in grief programs. Our approach to facilitation training is rooted in a comprehensive grief focused and trauma informed. Training includes the following key elements alignment with the organization missions and goals, therapeutic techniques, best practices for working with bereaved individuals (children through adults), communication skills, mindfulness and self-care, and compassion and empathy.


Resource Development: It is a vital aspect of ensuring that an organization’s grief support program aligns with their integrity and goals while effectively meeting the needs of their community members. Resilient Minds Counseling recognizes the significance in developing concise and informative resources that accurately represent the organization and its programs, and model their programs integrity and goals. Our goal is to empower organizations in creating program information resources, annual reports, and grief support.  


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