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EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) consultation, as offered by Resilient Minds Counseling serves as a valuable resource for clinicians seeking to improve their skills and confidence in utilizing this powerful therapeutic approach.


Consultation includes:  


  1. Enhancing Clinician Confidence: EMDR is a versatile therapeutic tool that can be applied to a wide variety of symptoms and triggers including but not limited to: trauma (acute and complex), PTSD (complex PTSD), anxiety disorders, nightmares, phobias, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), mass violence incidents, war, car accidents, attachment wounds and performance anxieties.  

  2. Consultation goals: Consultation provides a one on one, or small group environment for clinicians to thoroughly talk through the presenting symptoms and history. This comprehensive opportunity encourages clinicians to slow down and look at the presenting symptoms as well as historical context. By examining cases from various angles and perspective, clinicians increase cultural sensitivity, as well as broaden their view. When a clinician feels confident in their EMDR skills and approach they can help create safe attunement for their client in session, which is vital for clients to engage in the EMDR process.  

  3. EMDR Target Sequence and Planning: Resilient Minds Counseling believes talking through Target sequence and planning can help clinicians create a meaningful and effective treatment plan that meets their clients’ needs and concerns.  Resilient Minds Counseling strives to be a resource helping clinicians further connect to the EMDR community. 

  4. EMDR & Play Therapy: Resilient Minds Counseling integrates the highly effective evidence-based therapy of EMDR into a child-centered approach. Supporting clinicians to learn this approach helps guide children through the eight phases of EMDR in a way that is developmentally appropriate and sensitive to their individual needs.  


Now accepting trained EMDR clinicians for individual & group EMDR consultation

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