Resilient Minds Counseling (RMC) offers consultation for clinicians working towards becoming certified in EMDR, as well as groups for clinicians who are looking for additional EMDR support.  

Stephanie is a EMDR certified therapist, as well as an EMDRIA Approved Consultant In Training (CIT).  Stephanie is member of the EMDR of Rockies Team as well. 

Individual & Group Consultation: 

  • We will review your specific cases

  • Discuss case conceptualization

  • Cover advanced application of EMDR therapy

  • Further your understanding of screening for dissociation

  • Deepen understanding of assessing and addressing attachment wounds

  • Ensure appropriate application of all 8 phases of the EMDR therapy protocol.

Becoming trained in EMDR therapy requires receiving ten hours of consultation.  

Following completion of EMDR therapy training, it is strongly encouraged that clinicians continue on to become Certified EMDR therapists.

This involves receiving an additional twenty hours of consultation with an Approved Consultant (AC)/ Consultant in Training (CIT) in addition to their clinical work. As a CIT, RMC can provide up to fifteen of the required twenty hours of consultation. 

During consultation (individual and group) for certification, we will review:

  • EMDR protocol

  • Advanced applications of EMDR protocol

  • Addressing Complex PTSD and Dissociation with EMDR protocol

  • Integration of the protocol into specific cases

  • Theoretical context

  • Case conceptualization

  • Target selection and sequencing

  • Proper assessment for EMDR readiness

  • Address any other questions or concerns that arise during EMDR sessions.

For more information please email Stephanie at