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Resilient Minds Counseling offers consultation for clinicians working towards becoming certified in EMDR, as well as for clinicians who are looking for additional EMDR support.EMDR consultation is a way to better grasp case conceptualization, as well as support around EMDR protocols.

Stephanie (owner of Resilient Minds Counseling) is an EMDRIA Approved Consultant & member of EMDRIA. 

Stephanie has been actively practicing EMDR with children, teens and adults since 2017. 


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Following completion of basic EMDR therapy training, it is strongly encouraged to continue with consultation to further support your case conceptualization and understanding of EMDR. Stephanie believes that stepping outside of your comfort zone and joining consultation can change your confidence as an EMDR clinician. EMDR can feel robust and complex, through consultation EMDR trained clinicians can better understand how to take the linear eight phases of EMDR and apply them to their practice.

Stephanie's approach is gentle and encouraging which allows clinicians to ask authentic questions. Helping clinicians gain proactive support as they increase their understanding and knowledge of EMDR therapy.


Small group consultation meet once a month for an hour.  

Individual consultation available by appointment only.

Individual & Group Consultation Includes:

  • Case conceptualization

  • Support around assessing your client's readiness for EMDR

  • Organization of Case conceptualization

  • Review of screening for dissociation

  • Assistance in target selection and sequencing

  • Ensure appropriate application of all 8 phases of the EMDR therapy protocol

  • Integration of Play Therapy with EMDR

Now accepting trained EMDR clinicians for individual & group EMDR consultation

For more information email: 

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